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Looking for professional guttering in the Penrith and Blue Mountains areas of Sydney?

You didn’t compromise on your house; you didn’t compromise on the roof that protects it. Why start compromising on your rain gutters, which can save you thousands of dollars when taken care of properly?

Look at it this way. The roof of your house collects water during the rainy season and absorbs sunshine during the summer. Between temperature changes, holding rainwater and being exposed to direct sunlight, roofing materials start to crack and leak as the years go by. If these problems go unfixed, moisture starts to get inside your house, resulting in dangerous mould and mildew.

In more serious cases, faulty (or absent) gutters can even lead to concrete erosion, rotting of wooden house parts and faulty electrical wiring. Of course, we hope none of these problems ever happen to you – but even if they never do, you might still want clean, functional gutters so as to manage the water pouring from above when you’re moving in and out of your home!

Installing Gutters & Downpipes

If you don’t have gutters (that go around your roof) and downpipes (that go from the roof to ground level) yet, you may be wondering whether you need them. The truth is, Australia doesn’t get as much rain as many other parts of the world – and you may feel that you don’t need guttering services if you live in, say, Penrith.

There is some truth to that. Places with less rain aren’t as reliant on gutters. Having said that, the purpose of gutters and downpipes is to funnel water to a downspout on the ground – and away from your home’s foundation. In that sense, it doesn’t matter how much rain you get. What matters is that it doesn’t end up in the ground and concrete underneath you, being a danger to your house.

To that end, Australian homes actually need gutters more than you might think. A lot of the soil in our country is dry and sandy, meaning it’s inferior at holding water. This means gutters are even more important than they would be in a moderate climate. This is especially true if you live in an elevated area where there’s more rainfall; guttering in the Blue Mountains area west of Sydney, for example, is more important than it would be in a low-laying city!

Great Roof Restoration Service at Newtech Roofing.

Give Your House a Facelift

High-quality gutters, down pipes, fascias, soffits and barge boards all make your house look better. We don’t just mean this from a photographic, still-moment perspective. Water uncontrollably coming down your roof and all around the house looks bad. When it gets to the ground, turning your whole plot into a swamp, things get even worse.

That’s why we suggest you consider our roofing and guttering services. With us, your home will always look neat – and the ground around it will be dry and tidy at all times. With our products and expertise, we’ll help you pick products that seamlessly fit into the exterior of your house.

And if you already have a gutter-downpipe system…

Servicing Your Gutters

A lot of the time, there’s no need to completely reinstall your gutters – even if they’re leaky or appear to be beyond repair. We will use the very best construction and rainwater products to replace and refresh the necessary parts of your home, saving you money and time while making sure you get the beautiful, rain-proof home you want.

Perhaps the best part is that we also know roofing – and will happily do both roofing and guttering in your Penrith, Blue Mountains or Sydney Area home. This means you don’t have to go through the hassle of hiring and coordinating multiple contractors. You can simply give us a job and expect it to be completed to excellence.

We even provide scaffolding in specific cases, ensuring that large-scale projects are performed safely, to specification and on time. We clear all construction and repair areas, meaning you never have to worry about tidying up after us.

Finally, do keep in mind that we’ve been in this business for over 20 years – and love nothing more than serving Sydney and our neighbours here. For a great quality of products and workmanship, give us a call or shoot us a line today. We’d love to give you a free quote and advise you on the specific, most effective way (or ways) to repair or replace your gutters and downpipes.

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